A game about learning to live as one.

CONTENT WARNING: Blood, intense violence, frightening imagery, mentions of suicide, mild light flashes.

200 light years away, the planet Alkia drifts in space. It is home to not one, but two sentient species - the peaceful, technological Alkians, and the terrifying Holl, who live off hunting the former as prey.

Tasked with reclaiming a radio tower to help find a planet capable of harboring life, will you help your species make their escape? Or is there a somehow a way to cohabitate?


  • An engaging narrative where your actions matter. Pivotal choices as well as your underlying optimism (or cynicism) will determine which of 8 different endings you receive.
  • Gameplay that is one part horror-puzzle, one part narrative adventure, and one part dating-sim.
  • An exploration of other perspectives that lie underneath the surface.
  • Custom painted art alongside otherworldly portraits made with VQGAN+Clip.
  • An entirely unique soundtrack produced for the game made by monom.
  • Hidden secrets that can only happen by random chance.
  • A game experience more relevant than ever to our modern world.

Made with the help of Helen Zhou, Eric Lujan, Monty Bichouna, and Shannon Kong.

Additional playtesting help from SkyTheOtherGuy, Heming Chen, BrokenBee, and Spice.

Created for the University of Chicago's Digital Storytelling class, taught by Ian Jones.

We support loading of saves from the demo! Simply hit "Continue" at the title screen and load your save from before!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(54 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Creepy, Dating Sim, Horror, Psychological Horror, RPG Maker, Sci-fi, Story Rich, Surreal


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i love the game so far, but when i got to eating dinner w my partner the game started glitching :/ it says Loading Error failed to load and then it has a retry button. i keep clicking it but after a few seconds it comes back. what should i do :

Could you attach a screenshot here? This is likely for a missing file but I am not sure what file would be missing

soooooooooooooo anyone know what to do with the key card you get from the dead rat on the right?



This was absolutely phenomenal. I played your other game, Time is Solid Here, and while I find that one to be beautiful as well, this is such a step up! So excited to see where your creativity leads you in the future :)


you have an incredibly unique style, i'm really glad that throughout the vast monster that is the internet i managed to find you
looking forward to more of your creations

Made me feel really weird in the end, loved it!

This was amazing, would recommend to anyone willing to play!

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I LOVE YOUR GAMES. they are terrifying and have amazing stories


Hey! I loved this game, and I thought the references to Time is Solid Here were really cool! Would you be able to DM me the ending guides on Discord? My account is nerdyHellion#2914. Thank you so much!


Hello! I played through this game after finishing Time Is Solid Here, and I absolutely love it! Unfortunately, I got a sad ending :( Are you still DMing ending guides? I want to see all of the endings and see if there's a happy ending for everyone LOL

Yeah what's the best place to DM you?

Discord, please! @DaFabNam#7905


love it!

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Super unique experience, definitely an interesting game and a worthy successor to Time is Solid Here!

Looking forward to more from you, AlgebraFalcon!


just finished playing this, it was amazing :)


Time is Solid Here already blew me away, but this completely destroyed me. Currently on my second playthrough, can I also get a discord DM of the endings? This a masterpiece of a game, and shows so much progression in game design since Time - ecstatically awaiting for you to make another one of my favorite games.

Give me your username and yea! :)


thanks dude! it's OfficialDrakeVEVO#3280


This game is by far one of my favorites, its so incredible that I cant even formulate it into words. I'm someone who adores horror games in all shapes and forms, but this was just so creative and out of the box. All of your games are so breathtaking and delightful, and I cannot wait to see what you accomplish in the future.

I would like to ask, and I have seen someone comment it before, but is there a way for you to DM me the ending guide? This game has become a special interest of mine, and I would like to explore it more and find all of the endings!!

Thank you so much, it means a lot :) do you have discord/twitter?

Hello! I just finished the game and wanted to know if your offer to the ending guide is still up. Great game btw. I played both this and Time is Solid Here. The art, the characters, and just the atmosphere in general *Chef kiss*. 

do you have a Twitter/discord I can DM it to you on?


Discord would fine. It's Wuu#4173.


Oh my gosh hi, sorry a lot of stuff happened so i havent been too active!! And yes, my discord is Critter#9111 !!


I love the game so much and am currently in the process of getting all of the endings (hopefully). But I think I came across something the creator most likely didn't intend. At the end of the first work day on Earth you can see an email saying "call me on speakerphone when you talk to the alien" before the partner should know about the alien. I could be misinterpreting though! Thanks for making such an awesome game, AlgebraFalcon!

Thank you for making me aware of this and will take note of it! I've been thinking of making a patch to fix some issues that I've seen in let's plays


had me beyond emotional at the credits. amazing work. beautiful art and story. couldn't ask for more.


i have to say, i really, REALLY adore the two games you have out. the style of your games with the abstract ai-generated art, existential themes, they really remind me of older Weird rpg maker games but with a more modern take and it's fantastic.

one thing i ask, would you ever consider making a small ending guide for this? i found 5 endings, but the ability to have an actual guide to follow after the first few would be nice for seeing everything :']

if you ever make any more games, i really do look forward to playing them!!

I have an ending guide, but I don't want it to be publicly available because I don't want any surprises to be ruined. Is there a way I can DM it to you?


This was an incredibly fascinating experience for me. I don't typically find myself engaged in RPG Maker style games because it's really easy to overdo dialogue and exposition, but this game simply nails it every which way. I wasn't too sure what kind of a horror game this would be, and I think that's a good mindset for anyone who'd like to play it. The more you know, the less effective the incoming 'dread' will be. 

Your decisions mattering is a talking point of nearly every RPG Maker horror game in existence so I paid it no real attention when reading it, but it's actually true here. As I was nearing the end of the game, it really did feel as though every decision I made weighed heavily and carried great impact or influence in the 'universe' so to speak.

I'm an optimist at heart, so some dialogue was difficult for me to get behind. For example, there's no way that I would still be with our 'partner' for three years. I don't support that level of negativity where people opt to see the world through a lens in which only the painful undesirable things exist. I'm not so naïve that I believe coexistence or even just existence for that matter, isn't an incredibly dangerous and unforgiving experience; It certainly is, but it is also everything we have. Humanity has consistently improved the conditions of its people despite the setbacks of war, disease, or hubris. This is how I feel about the human condition, even with all that is going on. We are resilient and will make it through as we always have for millions of years.

That being said, any game that can draw out such a deep and philosophical discussion is testament to its genius-level writing. I can't wait to see what you do next!

Thanks for making games!


Thank you for all the feedback, and I loved watching your playthrough! You brought in a lot of historical details and insight which I really liked. As for the cynicism, I agree, ideally I should have been able to write around the player being more optimistic in some sections besides the ending -- I think I wrote this in a very cynical period of my life lol. Additionally, you should have achieved a different ending with your change of choice, so I'll go investigate why that didn't happen in your playthrough. Thank you again for your feedback and detailed response, this is the reason why I make games :)


Another excellent game by Algebra Falcon. Everything in this game was amazing. The storyline, the music and the artstyle. Such crudes but realistic endings as well. Loved every single bit of Cohabitation :)


this game is SUCH A MASTERPIECE! I loved Time is solid here and was sooo exited for you to realease a new game and oh boy was this good! I wondered how many endnings there were?:)

There are 8 endings :)


I love this game <3 i dont have much to say but its amazing!


So, I posted the first part of my 4-part LP series yesterday but I finished the game today (took a bit because my voice - as can be heard - is on gollum-levels of awful) and I gotta say: what a treat! I went in this completely open but still was surprised by the sci-fi setting. The world building, and the visuals - stunning. I loved the twist and your soundtrack and music cues are amazing. 

Also, as a horror lets player, I have to say that your scares were some of the best I’ve experienced in a long time. Visually absolutely stunning - they were terrifying on a Junji Ito/Attack of the Titans level but also the atmosphere/tension and gameplay during those scenes were great. And I think the placement of them turned this game into a cool genre mix (just as time is solid, I guess) which I always enjoy when it’s well done. 

All in all - stunning. It’s because of dev teams like yours that indie horror games will always be so much more exciting than the big players because you just dare to experiment and try new things. 

Also: sorry, the first part is a lot of croaky reading and me ranting about stuff (not about the game :D), I managed to stop seconds before it gets spooky without knowing it. 


This comment and your Let's Play mean so much to me! I'm making my way through part 1 of your videos right and really appreciate how you want to explore all the details of the game :) I'll let you know about all my future game projects!


Thanks so much. The rest of the videos will probably uploaded in the next two weeks but I can notify you when they are all up to spare you the backtracking to my playlist :D

Alrighty, it took a while due to my video schedule and another series I am currently doing but I posted the last episode today. It was a gorgeous ride, thanks so much, again.


Cannot wait to watch it once my schoolwork eases up, your lets plays are all absolute joys to watch through :)


Update: Just finished watching them all. That was so wonderful, and I loved hearing your thoughts at the end. I'm glad to have made something you enjoyed so much!

It's always a pleasure!


Very great game! This is the best thing I've played in a long time. I love the creepy, surreal art and the dialogue between all of the characters.

However, I am deeply disappointed that I can't date the alien


Lol, maybe you can date the alien in the sequel :)


Thank you so much for mentioning me in the game :) i finally got to post the vid of it and you guys did a great job i loved it ! i hope you enjoy the show and dont mind me ranting :D


No problem, thank you for giving the demo a spotlight! We were touched by how in depth you went with your playthrough and loved to hear your thoughts about it.


awww you guys are really sweet :) and you did a good job with the game cuz it was really engaging and fun to play !


Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe at my channel.

I have played the demo for the game and was really surprised at how the human world was being connected to Alkia in the story for the game. I enjoyed the story of the game as it really puts the player in a dilemma as to whether to help Earth or Alkia or both. The game has made use of surrealism, horrifying character designs and chase sequences to depict the horrors of the Hull in Alkia and also went ahead to explore the story of the human on Earth as well, showing what Earth is facing in-game and in real life. 

I just finished playing the game and would just like to share my thoughts on the game and why did I choose to end in the ending that I have chosen. I felt that the alkians, being aliens that are much more intelligent than humans are definitely going to appear as a big threat to humans. Alkians also have a hierarchy which is the complete opposite to the "freedom" that Earth preaches. Moreover, Alkians are being targetted by the hull and it would be devastating for the humans if the hull followed the alkians back to Earth as well. 

The hull are actually nice but are sadly forced to eat Alkians as food due to how they were formed and created in Alkia. They cannot be blamed and it wouldn't be fair for them if they had to starve to death if the Alkians leave or even having to chase the Alkians to Earth, posing as a threat to both the Alkians and humans.

On the other side, Jane and the main human character are quite selfish as they have only considered what was happening on Earth the entire time, with no regards to the Alkian's safety and position. They only cared about ending the war on Earth and did not try to look from the perspective of Alkians. War is inevitable due to the fear of countries becoming too strong. Hence, consequences of war should be faced by humans themselves instead of dragging another planet into the situation.

I am curious as to what were the other endings and whether there are better endings than the one I had picked. I had a great time playing the game and loved the soundtrack used for the game as well. I hope to see even more games made by AlgebraFalcon in the future as you guys certainly did a good job in story-telling and designing of characters and music.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


Thank you for your detailed feedback! It means a lot and I loved watching your playthrough :)


there seem to be a problem with the downloadable file cuz it doesnt run ? its giving me an error and i dont know if some mistake was made cuz the windows version is 62mb and the mac is 294mb ?


Reuploaded and tested it, it should work now! Thank you for bringing this to my attention :)


I played the incomplete game yesterday and seeing today's update is exciting. Good game 


Glad you liked it! 


Worth the wait


Thank you, that means a lot! :)