A game about learning to live as one.

CONTENT WARNING: Blood, intense violence, frightening imagery, mentions of suicide, mild light flashes.

200 light years away, the planet Alkia drifts in space. It is home to not one, but two sentient species - the peaceful, technological Alkians, and the terrifying Holl, who live off hunting the former as prey.

Tasked with reclaiming a radio tower to help find a planet capable of harboring life, will you help your species make their escape? Or is there a somehow a way to cohabitate?


  • An engaging narrative where your actions matter. Pivotal choices as well as your underlying optimism (or cynicism) will determine which of 8 different endings you receive.
  • Gameplay that is one part horror-puzzle, one part narrative adventure, and one part dating-sim.
  • An exploration of other perspectives that lie underneath the surface.
  • Custom painted art alongside otherworldly portraits made with VQGAN+Clip.
  • An entirely unique soundtrack produced for the game made by monom.
  • Hidden secrets that can only happen by random chance.
  • A game experience more relevant than ever to our modern world.

Made with the help of Helen Zhou, Eric Lujan, Monty Bichouna, and Shannon Kong.

Additional playtesting help from SkyTheOtherGuy, Heming Chen, BrokenBee, and Spice.

Created for the University of Chicago's Digital Storytelling class, taught by Ian Jones.

We support loading of saves from the demo! Simply hit "Continue" at the title screen and load your save from before!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(108 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Creepy, Dating Sim, Horror, Psychological Horror, RPG Maker, Sci-fi, Story Rich, Surreal


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Honestly, the concept overall is pretty brilliant.


Mostly well-written, but I feel like the partner makes some big logical leaps sometimes that I can't entirely take seriously.


True lol, if given a chance to rewrite it they would be the first thing I change. Maybe I was too cynical when I wrote this lol

Deleted post

Thank you :)

What should I do if I’m playing on the website and all my saved data is gone? ;w;

The game's saves are stored in localStorage (the browser's Web Storage database). If you are using google chrome, open the game, press F12, go to the Applications tab, and see if your saves are listed there. If not, they may be gone :(

Thank you ;w;


i love u falcon



I appreciate your games so much. One second I'm literally screaming and getting chased, the next I'm contemplating the fate of an entire species. While looking deeply into what's good, bad, and what simply works. No one really has all the answers but we all find our own truth. The music is awesome and very fitting. Just a very thought provoking enjoyable game! Also the music was amazing and very fitting. Great work can't wait to see what you'll do next.

Thank you so much! Stay tuned :)


i love you




oh my god you replied
dude you just made my day


God your games is good I literally cannot wait to see your next project dude

Thank you! Cant wait to announce what I'm working on next :)

where is keycard A? i feel like i'm missing something 

(1 edit) (+1)


It should be on the dead body of the Alkian at the end of the right hallway in the radio tower, which you get to by sneaking past the Holl next to the flickering red light.

What a great game,i'm really impressed by it,i'm glad that this game is focused on deep story,not just running from monsters all the time. Story,art srtyle,dialogues,it's so well made that i'm very impressed,and of course soundtrack,it's very atmospheric and fits in game very good. This game is my second favorite on an equal basis of Time Is Solid Here. I want to express my the greatest admiration to people who made this game,you guys did a truly masterpiece of game. It's sad that such talented devolopers there is only on indie sites,this game deserves to be famous and awarded. The only minus in this game,is that text in the ending is moving a little bit fast,English is not my native language,and i dont have enough of time to translate every word,would be better if text would just stay on the screen. Anyway,my admiration to ya'll,and i wish you good luck with developing new games.I will looking forward for another games of you.


Thank you so much! Can't wait to show you my next game :)


Dude,your games is always worthwhile,also i really like monsters,they looks unique and really creepy,and it's impressive how you can combine deep great story with some really creepy moments


I just played Time Is Solid Here yesterday and I decided to play this today. I have to admit I had really high expectations, and this did not disappoint. Keep up the good work, your games have been amazing so far!


Thank you! Working on a new, much bigger project right now!


Only after playing twice did I truly understand. This is a beautiful game and the insight is incredible. Love all your work 

thank you! comments like this mean so much to me :)

(3 edits) (+1)

after playing time is solid here I wanted to play this other masterpiece for so long but only managed to do so today. I love how the story is written and the art never fails to impress me!!! this game should be played by so many more people just to have another point of view over everything that went and is still going on. truly amazing.

edit: (kind of spoiler)

i tried drawing something cool but i couldnt find any good font so yea =n= 

This art is beautiful! Thank you so much for making it :) can I share it to twitter and if so how would you like to be credited?


thank you for your compliment! you can share it and just say it was from a fan, id love that!! ^^

Just posted :)


The game was incredibly good despite being short, Absolute reccomend it! Me and my friend just called the holl's a titan from attack on titan lol

Amazing game though great job 

they were definitely inspired by titans :)

(4 edits)

This was incredible, but I've got a question, lore wise... (WARNING SPOILER HIDDEN DOWN BELOW)

Is there a particular reason the Holl are so humanoid like? Despite being from another planet? Otherwise I'll just use my headcanon. Also could you please give a very cryptic tip on how to find these random events? Sounds like a Yume Nikki situation which just thinking about it makes me giddy, I'm glad you're a fellow fan.


There is no particular reason, though you are not the first to speculate it. I made them that way because they looked creepy. One of my friends theorized that they were like that because they evolved from the same proto-organisms humans did on earth, but in a particular, fucked up way unique to the Alkian landscape, which sounds pretty cool. Maybe that can be the reason why.


and how much time have you invested in the game? For what reason did they start developing it?


It took about 250 hours to make, and I created it for a college class assignment!


your works are very philosophical, they stand out from other games.


I drew a little cutie



Aww this is wonderful! Do i have permission to post it on twitter and how would you prefer to be credited?


A. This is unexpected. I just drew this character, you can put it wherever you want, I don't charge money for it.


Posted it on Twitter: https://twitter.com/algebra_falcon/status/1676595352080723975?s=20

And discord!




wowowoow I don't even know where to start. This game was just epic and a total masterpiece- definitely one of the best games I've played. It's surreal, creepy, sad, has beautiful music and art, just everything I love!! There were many times where I had to sit and think about the options for a good moment and the premise of this game is just so unique and something I didn't know I needed. 

I've completely the game just once, and I'm wondering if there's an ending guide I can use to get other endings? Or at least just a count of how many endings there are so I don't keep fishing for endings after I've found all of them :,)

I can never say this enough, but this game is a masterpiece and I'm so happy I found it. Originally I played Time is Solid Here and fell in love with it, and then I discovered this! I love the subtle references to Time is Solid Here. 

Also wondering if there's a sequel to this 👀

yes I can send you the ending guide! Give me your twitter handle or discord :)

(1 edit)

thanks! my discord is human.being_  and I believe with the new discord update I don't need to give ya any #

(2 edits)

Hello! I would also like an ending guide, my discord is reeves0429 (no caps) and tbh I’m tired of getting these super tragic endings lol


hi!, could I also get an ending guide?,my discord is nyr5126, thanks <3

I'm having an issue where when i go into options i cannot exit

Did you try pressing the escape button?

It sadly crashes every time.

Do you get a crash report? What does it say when it crashes? And are you playing on HTML, Windows, or Mac?

I am playing on mac

What does it look like when it crashes?

(1 edit) (+1)

A very interesting game, to say the least.

The premise is really intriguing, and the game capitalizes on it with interesting choices that actually matter. I spent a more-than-decent bit of time deciding what choice to pick!

The music and sound design is spot on, captures the atmosphere very well, with each scene.

The gameplay was well paced for the most part, didn't get stale like some RPGs sometimes get.

The portrait art is great, both hand drawn and ai generated(?) [the alien portraits felt distinct, which fits well!] it has a neat style to it. The pixelart felt a bit bland at times, where the alien's world especially could've been better with more unique shapes and symbols, and decorations more like the houses and towers. A more restrictive colour palette for the alien world especially could accentuate the vibe of Alkia. I loved how the Holl looked, reminiscent of Ao Oni's monsters, freaky and, fittingly enough, very alien.

There were a few minor visual bugs:

The character's head clipping onto the doorways, the chairs looked a bit odd with how the player walks through them [common in rpgmaker, but still odd nonetheless]. The ginger guy's character portrait has a stray line extending to the side in a few expression slides.

I'll just mention that I haven't fully beat the game yet, and just wanted to get my thoughts out before I forgot them, I'll probably edit this once I finish the game :]


So, after getting a few different endings, I'm quite interested in seeing all seven, I'll edit again once I get them/find a video of them


Thank you for all the feedback! I hope to add more custom pixel art in future titles -- I relied too much on default assets due to a time crunch.

(1 edit) (+1)

No worries!

The art still fit very well.

As an additional request, could I see the ending guides as well?

I'm not too sure what choices to change for the last 2 endings

Sure, what is your twitter or discord for DM?



just sent a request!


If I enjoyed Time Is Solid Here, I also enjoyed this one. It's a short game with various endings, options, and dilemmas that made me think for a while and rethink the fact that, as the game says, is it possible that two opposites beings could learn to live as one?

I loved the story and the atmosphere created with those graphics and music. Simply amazing. You guys have done a splendid job on this game.

Is it still possible to get the guide for the endings on Discord? I'm not sure if I got all of them, I got like 7. My username is coelestium#1793

Thank you for the feedback, I'm flattered that you got 7 endings! I just sent you a friend request on Discord to send the ending guide to you :)

how do i get past the window monster?

Examine each of the piles of debris until you get a keycard, then examine the door and leave. It's similar to the doll room in IB, if you've played that.


Holy crap... This game is literally one of the most beautiful games I have ever played. I have no words for how amazing this game was. It had its terrifying moments, its sad moments, and its beautiful moments. Truly a rollercoaster of emotions

Your words mean so much to me! Hope that my future projects can inspire such feelings as well.


shit game


is that the only thing you know how to say? i looked on your profie and you only comment mean things 💀

He's just a troll, pay no mind to him.


there are many games that have greatly impacted me and that I consider integral to who I am, but never has something so quickly felt genuinely life-changing than playing through your art. I hope you and everyone else involved are endlessly proud of what you've created


Thank you I am beyond flattered at your words! We are starting a new, bigger game project soon so I hope you look forward to it!


Dear AlgebraFalcon, your games never fail to amaze me. I can explore your rpg maker worlds for hours and hours and never cease to be in awe. Thank you for putting time and effort into your amazing art. This game was fantastic.


Thank you man, it means a lot :)


Epic gripping story. Had me terrified at times and to counteract that with the cozy home was just incredible. Wow.

(1 edit) (+4)

This is heckin amazing, the uncanny graphics I really love-

Also, not me trying to figure out if I can pick the mouse guy instead of picking a person at the start lol


Just a really beautiful art piece overall


the big creature thing is a caeser cypher (-3) and the binary translates to "Thank you for playing my game!"


im gonna try scepeter files after doing time is solid here a couple of years ago. this was a good solid game with choices intertwined that could result in a lot of mixed results, and thats the flair of this rpg maker game.


Just finished playing both Time Is Solid Here and this game, Cohabitation, and both were amazing experiences. I really look forward to more games!

(1 edit) (+2)

this was so fun to play! im def gonna play again to try and get other outcomes. is there an official ost anywhere? i'd love to listen to this music on spotify. edit: nvm found it! wonderful soundtrack <3

(1 edit)

Would you be able to share it (spotify link)? Ive been trying to search for it and I cant seem to find it. And the OST its just beautiful and I really want to listen to it (T.T)

Edit: Found a way to rightfully download the complete OST (https://monom.bandcamp.com/album/cohabitation-ost just in case you didnt know), but I would still love to have it on Spotify, so if its not a bother pls share it :)

I just requested that monom uploads it on Spotify and he said yes!


Lets gooooooo, then Ill look forward to it

Update: monom has posted the Cohabitation soundtrack alongside the Time is Solid Here soundtrack on Spotify!


Thanks <3


such an intriguing story ! a bit overwhelming to have to make such big decisions on both sides of the story but it was fun nonetheless


So excited to play this! After playing time is solid here, I checked out your youtube channel to see if you lot had made any other games, and turned out you did! So here I am :D I saw a familiar face in the trailer (charon, if I remember correctly), and I'm not sure if thats gonna mean anything or not in the game, but regardless, I'm looking forward to playing this!

Are you still sending written walkthroughs to get all endings? my discord is harumiwa#6988!


Is the circle of sleeping people a Paranoia Agent reference?


yup! That's my favorite anime :)

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