Updated Mac Version!

Due to some issues with our Mac download, I have re-deployed and reuploaded the Mac version on a Mac computer. Please redownload and open the game by control-clicking the executable in the zip folder and choosing open from the shortcut menu.


Mac.zip 612 MB
Dec 13, 2021

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keeps immediately going to credits and then closing once the guy walks into the first room - unable to play game at all (I tried following the instructions in your latest update)

Does it display a crash message, or say that a resource has been unable to be found?

neither of those - I opened the game successfully and start playing, but seconds after I started playing it went to the credits screen like the game was over

The credits screen is supposed to play at that point of the game -- just wait it out and it should resume after! Let me know how it goes :)


oh wow, I feel very silly! thanks for responding lol I am extremely new to itch and to this type of game in general