A long, yellow hallway. A floating head who talks of monster trucks and places in-between. A painting, three a plenty, each with someone in need of moving on.

Such is the horror puzzle game, Time is Solid Here, recently selected for the Goethe-Institut's Stillstand/Standstill Project Exhibition.


  • Surreal paintings and puzzles ripe for exploration.
  • Friend and foe alike brought to life through OpenGAN-generated pieces and custom artwork.
  • A unique soundtrack produced for the game, consisting of an odd blend of industrial, psychadelic, and classical tunes.
  • Hidden secrets which change the way you see its world.
  • A life-affirming game experience.
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(292 total ratings)
AuthorsAlgebraFalcon, h3ming
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Horror, Psychological Horror, RPG Maker, Short, Singleplayer, Story Rich, weird


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im on the third painting rn after my first death and holy shit i was surprised by the little monster thing just charging after me... i think the images here are ai generated which i think is super cool


This game is a treasure and needs to be kept alive, archived somewhere forever. It explores so much of humanity in such a short span of time (I completed this for 30 minutes, albeit struggling with the monster in the 3rd part). I think the creators did a phenomenal job at this, with the background, the character designs and the ESPECIALLY the soundtracks. Thank you for this experience.

Thank you for playing! :)


Really love the character designs wow


To be honest, this is a work of damn art. Almost made me cry. I've seen this game so many times on the free web games section, and never clicked on it. Damn, that was a mistake. PLAY THIS GAME OR MISS OUT.


game was good. story was intresting


Love the art. Great game. 


This was really wonderful. I've been looking for something that made me think. The themes here were genuinely unique. Certainly a game I'll be coming back to again and again!



Characters and paintings in this game look like AI painting


One of the best games I've ever played! No joke. The characters are beautiful, and I've really saw myself as the puzzle-kid. I've got a similar story with my father... Anyway, it's a beautiful game with a wonderful philosophy under all the pixels and the dialogues. Great job!

- Viaggy, un viandante a caso


ok so i downloaded the non windows Zip and played it right through this time.Really excellent game. Deep and thought provoking.It will last in my memory for some time .And great music too.

I was going to try your other one too .I hope i can play it.

couldnt finish it .Crashed or something .IT said cant use my profile because its from anewer version.Shame i was really enjoying it 

Are you playing on Google Chrome?

yes i am


I love both of your games, both beautifully crafted with an interesting story. The music is amazing and feels liminal, like you arent really there. I am so inlove with your games, and hope to see more in the future. (P.S, please keep the AI generated characters, I love how unique that is)

i downloaded it but i cant save

What version are you playing on and what happens when you try to save?

mac, and it just doesn't get saved no matter how many times I try.

Could you try putting the game in your applications folder?


also made an account just to comment how amazing this game is. i usually dont expect much from itch.io games as most of them are just copies of eachother, the same fnaf copypasta.(nothing against those games, love em too) but this was just wonderful. i love how you managed to make me and many other players probably sympathize with the characters. i like how you gave all of them a personality, even with the distorted generated art i could tell /interpret what theyre like. 10/10. love it :D


this is peak rpgmaker


this game is absolutely amazing, i'm seriously so stunned by it 


Really great job on this game!
Was very disappointing to see AI-generated art though. Even just some low effort MSPaint sketches would have been better. Visual art is a communication between the one who made it and the one who is observing it. With generated art, there is very little communication happening. No feeling. It's like looking at a blank space.

But hey, the soundtrack was very cool!


This is a combination of AI art and mine - I generated AI pieces to get an other-worldly feel, then digitally painted over them and corrected them to make them feel more cohesive. This was made before more powerful models like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion were public, so the outputs I was getting were better as inspirations than actual pieces


Ah, I see! That makes it more interesting. Well, good game regardless, thank you for your work! 




Just played the game. Felt like I should say it again. Shut.


i liked the game it wasnt slow and had a good story make a part 2 of how we died that would be cool XOXO


The art was bland. a pathetic imitation of better games.




bruh,u dont even know good games


this was wonderful. I loved the art, the music, and how well all of it blended with the atmosphere. If there was more game play, i would stop everything right now to continue playing.


I absolutely adore this game. with deep and abstract concepts and metaphors, all mixed with a beautiful soundtrack. I almost cried at the second story. I truly enjoyed the experience and I hope that this developer never stops creating content. 


bless you and your ethereal durutti column remix


Really fun! I played this on Twitch over at twitch.tv/Sigmatic__ and was charmed by the story and style!


Damn soundtrack weighs more than windows version itself


Downloaded this game a couple weeks ago and totally forgot to extract it until now, GOD its amazing! i think ill put the soundtrack on loop for many months....


Amazing! I was not ready for the fright painting 3 gave me TwT


i <3 this game so far, literally amazing the art <333 but also the characteres and the stuff i just finished the 3rd painting really fun playing it as like if i were in the game, makes it really fun!!


oh lmao did i just finish it still great!!! i love thissss!!


Cried, laughed, loved. Amazing game and soundtrack. Will be crying about painting 2 for a month.


This. Was. Amazing. The art is phenomenal, and I love the dialogue so much. It's insane how you were able to turn AI generated art into characters with depth and personality... 10 out of goddamn 10 my man, and I'm definitely falling asleep to some of these tunes tonight lol


Holly molly, loved this so bad. ♥ pure gem

(1 edit) (+2)

Only just started and WOW, this is amazing in every way! Uniquely ... unique! You should be making money from this!

A masterpiece! True art.


I must say I was highly impressed, this game was something out of this world (similar to Amanita Design games i'd say) - I absolutely love the songs and the stories in the game!!

The fact that you made it using RPG Maker is even better, it truly shows that RPG Maker is very-very capable of high quality games and it depends mostly on dev themselves whether the game will be high quality or low quality.

10/10, hope you keep making these type of games, or any other genre, I played through one sitting and it was super interesting to see who was behind next painting


Thank you so much! You may be interested in Cohabitation, its another RPG Maker horrror game that I made after this one :)


I don't know anything about monster trucks...whatever do you mean?


I love the use of AI generated art! Along with the eerie, psychedelic (and very diverse) soundtrack it creates a surreal, otherworldly atmosphere. Combined with the beautiful narrative of helping trapped souls move on, it's an amazing and unforgettable experience. Also the dialogues with Charon are so fun and well written!


Honestly a damn masterpiece I loved this game so much so much effort into the story im honestly honored to have got to play it im flabbergasted i loved it the story had so much to it
im honestly thankful for this game and how much hard work you put into it for us

loved the lore part when

(the part where I found out he was the one who made the note)

(1 edit) (+3)

A literal masterpiece. I enjoyed this game so much; I am the kind of person that starts games but never finishes them. I finished this game in one sitting. The music changes in every zone you enter. It really feels like youre transported to another´s world. I love all the mixed emotions all the apparations give you: sympathy, hate, anger, and saddness. I think everyone should play this game at least once. It is a masterpiece. Thank you creators. 

Charon almost made me cry.


-Made a Video.

"What a game! I honestly did not expect it to be this good. And also the pacing, the atmosphere, and the music in this game is just great."


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